My name is Daniel Bolduc. I was born in 1961 and I am from the Province of Quebec, Canada. I have been tying flies since 1984 and since then my passion has never stopped increasing.

The first feather wing salmon fly I ever saw was tied by Paul Bean, (deceased in 2001), a well known world-wide fly tyer. He created salmon flies like the First Lady Rosalynn, the Princess Diana and the Redford for the actor Robert Redford. I had those flies in my mind until 1997 when I bought the book Flies for Atlantic salmon by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen. When I opened the first pages of the book, I saw 8 beautiful classics featherwing salmon flies ties by Ron Allcott. I cannot say how much time I looked at those flies, but this was the beginning of my fly tying career.

It also gave me the challenge of tying such a Salmon fly and seeing my creation in my vise. Three years later, in 2000, I sent some flies to the Quebec Atlantic Salmon Federation (FQSA) contest and won a Gold Medal in the featherwing compulsory category and a Silver Medal in the creation category. In 2001, I entered again and won two more medals and was recognized as a Master Tier by the FQSA.

These medals are certainly a good personal accomplishment but my real goal is to be able to continue to contemplate all flies tied by my fellow tiers and especially the friendship I developed among all my friend's fly tier.