I began tying flies at a very early age, around 4th grade. I was fortunate to have parents who supported my hobby and encouraged me along the way. I grew up on a small farm on the banks of the Similkameen river in BC's southern interior. Spending much of my youth fly fishing there, and the nearby mountain resort my family was involved in; Cathedral lakes lodge. I started tying classic salmon flies in high school after searching for a greater challenge than the trout flies of my home river. Growing up where I did there was almost no information on Atlantic salmon flies other than a few photos in books, and through much trial and error over the years I taught myself to tie them.

In my early twenties I began fishing seriously for steelhead in BC's northern rivers and soon discovered I could catch them on classics. Now 15 years later, I fish for steelhead solely with classic salmon flies tied with materials as close to the original recipes as possible. I am a part time steelhead guide on the Bulkley river in fall, and a heavy equipment operator the rest of the year. I'm a father, spey O Rama competitor and fly tying instructor. I'm also lucky enough to be involved with several fly fishing and tying companies. Fly tying has given me many opportunities in in life, and I'm very grateful to have met and made friends with many wonderful people along the way.

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