Born and raised in Edmundston, New Brunswick, where I grew up fishing rivers and lakes for Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon. I spent my early fly tying years building up my trout boxes to supply my daily forays on local rivers. I eventually moved my attention to catching Atlantic salmon and tying flies for them.

I was introduced to classic salmon fly tying while attending a session offered by Marc Leblanc in the late 1990's. But it was many years later that I truly got hooked and decided to put in the time to learn tying the classics. In 2011, I met my great and generous friend, Bob Macdonald who took me under his wing. It was a chance encounter that had a large impact on my tying, and as Bob warned me back then, on my wallet...

Today, aside from tying the classics, I do obtain much gratification experimenting in the dying of IC substitute feathers.

I look forward to meeting you at the 2018 ASFI!