Since 2012, Adrian Cortes has tied vintage Atlantic Salmon patterns without the aid of a vise. Born on the island of Cebu, Philippines and having emigrated to the United States in 1983, Adrian currently lives in the small hamlet of Beavercreek, Oregon. Regionally blessed to reside in close proximity to rivers holding runs of wild anadromous steelhead, he is usually found intercepting his preferred gamefish with the aid of a split cane two-handed rod.

Adrian fancies learning and challenging himself in the world of classic patterns, and uses these old patterns to move steelhead while also donating his flies to fine non-profit organizations, such as Fly Fishing Collaborative and Native Fish Society. His initial inspiration for tying flies in hand derives from the accomplished tyers: Harry Lemire, Mike Papais, Jin Woo Lee, and Aaron Ostoj. Adrian is grateful for the help and encouragements that he has received from the tying community over the years.

While he does enjoy swinging classics, it is not beyond him to skate Greaseliners and foam skaters to try and fool steelhead on the surface dry which he is captivated with.