Born and raised on the west side of Saint John, New Brunswick, I grew up fishing for brook trout (but mostly catching perch) in Rockwood Park and the Hammond River. My father began attending fly tying and casting classes at the Dennis Morris Community Centre when I was about 8, and he brought me along. It was here that Harry Pickrell and Andy Dollar provided me a firm tying foundation and an appreciation for the sport.

Moving to Marysville after University, I began fishing the Nashwaak River for trout and bass regularly; with several trips also each year to the Miramichi River for salmon. It was during the time my wife and I were expecting our first child that I began to tie traditional patterns. Fueled by the nervous expectation of parenthood, and looking for a challenge, I found myself taken under the wing of willing local tiers like Marc Leblanc and Luc Carrier.

While the majority of my tying is now spent on traditional patterns, I still fill a great many trout boxes.

I very much look forward to meeting you all at ASFI 2018.