Julian Furlaga was born June 3rd 2004 and at the young age of 8 was introduced to the Art of Fly Tying. After only a year of tying Trout, and Atlantic Salmon flies Julian came across the Classic Salmon Fly. Being intrigued by the colors and beauty of them a journey began. Classic Salmon Flies quickly became a passion of young Julian. Considered to be the youngest Classic Fly Tyer present day, with 5 years of tying, the young tyer produces some exceptional works of Art. Julian is the youngest member of the Atlantic Salmon Federation is also a member of the Miramichi Salmon Association and as part of his Dieppe Fly Club the youngest member of the Doaktown, New Brunswick Atlantic Salmon Museum. Julian is a Youth Ambassador for Pieroway Fly Rods and Veevus Threads and a Pro Staff Team with Gaspe Fly Company. He is an avid Fly Fisherman spending much time on many rivers with his father his home river being the world renowned Miramichi. Julian is a proud supporter of many Conservation efforts with hopes his generation and generations to come will be able to enjoy the beautiful resource of the Salmo Salar. Outside of tying and fishing he loves being a kid going to the skate park on his scooter, basketball and camping. Julian has been embraced by the tying community with overwhelming support and when opportunity arises he tries give back to other youths by sending materials and sitting with them teaching them simple fly tying basics. At the age of 13 Julian continues to be an Ambassador for Fly Tying and Fly Fishing with no end in sight!