Paul started Fly Fishing in the Netherland fishing for Trout and Greyling. During the late 1980’s he started to fish for salmon in the UK and Finland as his work travel brought him to northern Europe. Paul always had an interest in the colorful complex salmon flies so he started in the 1990’s to tie his own trout flies to master the tying skills needed for salmon flies. In the early 1990’s he moved to the USA into a permanent position for his company and had the opportunity to fish for land lock salmon in the USA and wild salmon in Alaska. The flies needed for this fishing were colorful but hair wing patterns. This was the first tying experience with the salmon fly. From the hair wing patterns I finally started to tie feather wing salmon flies to fish Canada Atlantic salmon rivers in 2008. Now I focus on improving my skill and produce all fishing flies what my friends and I use for Atlantic Salmon Fishing.