I was introduced to fly fishing at a young age when our family vacationed to Yellowstone, where I watched experienced fly fishermen land numerous 24-inch fat Yellowstone trout during a prolific afternoon hatch. In the 1980’s, I began fly fishing in the waters of Puget Sound and began tying fishing flies for trout, salmon, and steelhead. In 1993, I joined the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild. I remain active with this group of extremely talented fly tyers. The willingness of all members to share ideas and to mentor each other is paramount to the success this group has had in preserving the art and history of Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying.

I have maintained the NWASFG Fly Archive for 25 years. We constantly add to the collection from guest tyers and all guild members are encouraged (by me) to contribute a fly annually. I attend several fly shows annually and enjoy demonstrating my fly tying methods. I take extra time during demonstrations to help younger tyers get engaged in learning about our sport and Atlantic Salmon Fly traditions with hands-on experiences.

Our guild has regular hook making classes and material dyeing sessions. I enjoy participating in all of these unique facets of making Atlantic Salmon Flies and appreciate the opportunity to learn from our members who have been trailblazers for the rest of us. While attending shows, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned during the past 25 years – especially numerous innovative fly tying tools and methods which make tying Atlantic Salmon Flies easier.