I started tying Salmon Flies in the winter of 2011, spurred by a memory from my childhood, of a picture of a Jock Scott I saw on the book 500 Fly Dressings by John Veniard. That first foray to classic flies was, as many others can attest, difficult. But with perseverance and coaching from some of the best classic fly tyers, many of whom are here this weekend, I found myself falling deeper into the art and my passion grew. Today virtually all the flies I tie are classics in some shape or form, Victorian era salmon flies, little winged wet flies, Rangeley style streamers and the odd dry fly. Few, if any ever see water. I’m originally from Northern Ireland, where my fly tying and fly fishing passion was ignited by my father. Today I call Philadelphia home. It’s a pleasure to be here, sharing my passion with current and future generations of salmon fly tyers.