1973 Established Hunters Angling Supplies Inc. (New Boston, N.H.) (Sold the company in 1988)

We had a walk-in shop plus a four color catalog which we up-dated each year. We sold top of the line fly rods, reels, and all sorts of products which the traveling angler would need for fishing anywhere in the world.

1975 Established HMH Tying Tools (Sold the company in 1982)

We designed, produced and sold fly tying vises, hackle pliers, scissors and assorted items for fly-tyers.

1988-2001 W.S. Hunter & Company (New Boston, N.H. – New London, N.H.)

Worked as a consultant for Frontiers International Inc.. Duties included traveling to various countries seeking out fly fishing opportunities for our clients. This involved coordination with local and national authorities, agencies, negotiating contracts with same and training employees.

I also performed various consulting tasks such as designing equipment for different companies, setting up fly fishing stores and writing articles for several publications. I was contributing editor for the major fly fishing magazine and produced an article each edition.

Along the way I established W. S. Hunter & Company as a dealer for quality fly fishing products which I continued to sell to clients around the world. Sold W. S. Hunter & Company in 2001 - Retired

My hobbies include golfing, cooking, and reading. In the past I enjoyed cabinet making and hunting birds and ducks. I have enjoyed traveling abroad, meeting people and sharing experiences with them.