Hi, I am Matias Hyvönen. I am 13 years old and I live in Finland. I have tied flies about 5 years. First 4 years I tied trout flies and some hairwing salmon flies. I also tied few featherwinged salmon flies, but I could not have any teacher, so the flies were not so good.

In March 2017, one very good tier, Olli Koskinen, taught me just few tecnicues, to tie featherwinged salmon flies better. And then I was able to tie my very first classic, the Ackroyd. That was the point when I really got into Classics. After the Ackroyd I tied the Beryl. Olli gave me advices step by step.

Then I met Timo Kontio. Timo is also a very good teacher. With Ollis and Timos advices my tying was getting better all the time. I was in a lesson of classic salmon flies. We tied Jock Scott with Pasi Kettunen. Pasis advices were very good and I learned very much of tying and history of classics. We also have had many guests in our little club, which helped me a lot.

After I got in Facebook and I posted few photos of my flies, I had many tiers contacting me. I have got many good advices from them.

I have still very much to learn and I cannot wait to meet you all!!