I was born in 1953. I live in Nara city. Nara is an old city in Japan.

I found a book of Judith Dunham at the bookstore about 20 years ago. “THE ATLANTIC SALMON FLY – The Tyers and Their Art ” . Ken Sawada, Steve Fernandez, Paul Schmookler … many works are there. The very impressed by the beauty, I bought the book immediately.

I also want to create such a beautiful work, I was very interested in. I did not have a friend to tying the classic salmon fly around me. No one tell me how to tie them. I learned while looking at the pictures of these. (Can not read English, but. many photos talked that many important to me). And I was awarded the Grand Prix at the 2003 KEN SAWADA FLY DRESSING CONTEST.

I am looking forward to meeting with you guys at the venue this time.