My name is Per Johansson and i live in Ludvika Dalarna Sweden. I have a daughter Majken 19 and a son Per-Anton 22 and are wonderful both of them.

I got my fish interest as a child (11-12 years old) when i and my cousin fishing trouth with main grandpa. The river we fished in coming from North Dalecarlia and was very beautiful with forest and valleys. I remember well when the evening come and the trouth begin to catch the flies, populair flies that we used was Silver Doctor, Wickhams Fancy, Greenwellsglory etc.

Here is a beautiful litle village called Älvdalen famous for Hagstrom Factory. Interested begin shift more to salmon fishing and salmon flies, i saw that speyflies worked very well and i becom more interested in them and i really like to tie them. I also participated at flyfishing shows in Sweden and Norway a couple of times tying speyflies. I fishing salmon in Norway and in north Sweden and i use speyflies as often I can. I really like to be at the salmon river with my two hand rod in my hands.

Looking forward to this great event
See you all there.
All the best Per Johansson.