Jin Woo Lee started fishing back in Korea his native land in 1977. He migrated to Canada in 1987 and found his passion for fly fishing with a Bamboo single hand rod for trout. Over the past 14 years Jin has developed into one of the finest casters you will see with a double hand spey rod.

He has taught many anglers the art of fly and Spey fishing and favours the traditional method of fishing with a fly on a Bamboo rod or chasing Steelhead with his double hand rods. Jin competed in the Hardy Cup Cane Rod Casting Competition in Livingston Manor, New York in 2011 where he placed 2nd amongst the competitors. Jin’s passion however is tying flies which he has been doing for 27 years in which he started with trout flies and finally graduated to traditional classic Salmon flies. Jins creativity combined with his knowledge of the history of classic salmon flies has resulted in his own unique style which has allowed him to succeed in catching many large Brown Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon with his traditional style lines of 85-90 feet head. As we struggle at the vise with our own creations Jin is able to tie a fully dressed Jock Scott in hand. This is an art in itself!

Most recently Jin was a guest tyer at the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club featuring traditional classic patterns. Tying married wings, manipulating feathers and visualizing how the fly will swim is a gift Jin Woo Lee has been given. Jin Woo Lee is a humble man, kind hearted and always has a smile and if you are fortunate enough to meet him he will be a great friend for life.