Hi my name is Bob Mac Donald and I live in Mulgrave Nova Scotia Canada. I started tying flies more then forty years ago, and classics in the last ten. I enjoy fishing and tying for all the different trout we have here in the maritime provinces when not fishing for salmon. Living in such close proximity to a number of rivers, I get a chance to fish a lot throughout the season. Atlantic salmon flies and fishing to me are always the pinnacle of each years fishing adventures. The flies that we use to seduce these great fish are as unique and diverse as the people that cast them.

Classic salmon flies are at the apex of flytying, due to their historical significance in angling lore, exotic materials used to tie them as well as the complexity in creating them. I have tied many of the classic patterns, always trying to project my individual style on the hook used. Due to my salmon fishing experiences, those flies are normally incorporated a low wing, projecting a sleek fast looking profile like the hair wings I use to fish with. With regards to my artistic flies, I would like to think that these flies although broader, also try to convey those same principals and characteristics that govern my classic tying.

I would like to thank those individuals and sponsors who made possible these great tiers from around the globe coming together for the second time, happy tying and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.