My name is Jeremy O’Donnell I’m from Raymond, New Hampshire. I have been tying flies 7 years now and salmon flies the past 4 years. Back in 2010 I got a job on a trail crew for Appalachian Mountain Club in Greenville, Maine. The Moosehead region of Maine is mostly fly fishing only so I borrowed my dads fly rod that summer and taught my self how to fly fish in my free time.

Later that year my parents bought me a Cabelas fly tying kit for Christmas. I started out tying wolly buggers, and nymphs. I was immediately hooked.. no pun intended! Shortly after I was at my local fly shop looking for books on patterns. Nate one of the workers recommended the David Klausmyer “freshwater streamer” book! The flies really caught my eye, and the history of the Rangeley region drew me in!! I have relatives that live just over the border in stark, and Milan, NH. I’ve always loved learning about the history, and struggle in these remote areas long ago.

In 2014 I was tying Rangeley style streamers and classic wet flies. One day I messaged Sharon E. wright saying how I liked her streamers she tied. I saw them in fly Tier magazine, and had some questions. Soon after she asked me if I wanted to send some flies in for her book on Rangeley style streamers. So I sent in some Carrie Stevens patterns I had laying around, and I sent in a smelt pattern I created. I really sucked at tying back then I still don’t know why she asked if I wanted to be in the book!

During that time (winter of 2014) I saw my first fully dressed salmon fly while looking for classic wet fly and older streamer patterns. I was once again drawn into the beauty and intricacy of these patterns. I counted 20-30 materials on one hook. So my pursuit to tie a fully dressed salmon fly began! The beauty drew me in, but the challenge is what keeps me at it. I’m weird when I start something I won’t stop until I feel I have learned every aspect and mastered it... it’s just my nature!