My name is Jens Christian Pilgaard and I was born 1954 in Denmark.

I started tying flies in 1986 and in the following years I did this on a “ fishing” level. Then in 1995 I thought it would be fun to participate in Mustad Scandinavian Open tying contest and did so for the next 3 seasons. Here I was fortunate enough to achieve some bronze, silver and a single Gold medal. Since then I have been tying flies at shows in different countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and USA.. Those of you who have seen me tie in the past years at these shows know me for my little Origami Wings for dry flies, superrealistics and nymphs, but I am also very fond of tying the old classic salmon flies. I am also known to a lot of you as the former owner of Fugl & Fjer Fluebinding ( now closed ) , selling fly-tying materials. Some of you might say that my shop more reflected my interest for the classics than the dry flies, since I mostly used to deal in rare feathers and bird skins.

Besides my fly-tying, I make a living out of forging Viking items like swords, axes and other things that can be forged by hand. I make knives and Viking silver jewelry and a million other things related to Viking age.

I look forward to see you at the show where I will be demonstrating true classic hand tied flies.

Thank you for you attention.

Tight Lines,

Jens Pilgaard a.k.a. Sindre – the Viking blacksmith