Hi my name is Anders Ståhl and I live in Stockholm I'm 51 years old. I was born in the north of Sweden near the Arctic Circle where my fly-fishing started early, I mainly fished for grayling and trout. I started to tie flies when I was 13 still has deep purple as a favourite for grayling. About 23 years ago I was introduced to classic salmon flies which has now became an obsession.

So my friends tried to convince me to fish salmon and sea trout as well, which they managed with has until now fished for salmon and sea trout about 13 years Has been a couple of times to Norway and Chile but Sweden and Emån, Byske river is mainly where I fish.

I also teach how to dress classic salmon flies from time to time.

I work as service-technian at Böve Systec which includes travelling around from time to time. I am married to Carina and have a 21 year old daughter.

Very welcome to have a look & ask question´s see you there.