It has to be the colors,the texture of the feathers, the sleekness of the hook that has drawn me in. I can't explain it, not even to myself. My Husband, Stark gave me a tying kit for Christmas 2011. I had said I wanted to give it a try and he humored me. For the first couple of years I pretty much taught myself. Trout flies & whatever I thought might work on our local water. They caught fish and didn't fall apart so I thought that I was really something.

Then I had an opportunity to fish for steelhead. I fell in love with two handed casting and spey flies. More materials, different hooks. Never enough. Around that time I met Jerry Jahn who has become my mentor and my partner in Spey Casting North East. I remember working up the courage to show Jerry some of my first spey flies. Sitting on the tailgate of my truck one fall evening, He took a long, serious look and didn't laugh. He encouraged me and It sparked a discussion on tying techniques and materials that has continued to this day. In 2014 I decided that I wanted to tie my first married wing salmon flies. Blind eye hooks and silk gut. I feel like I am just warming up and who knows where it will lead. There is so much to learn and so many materials to find. I have been so blessed to meet so many people that share this passion and are willing to take the time to offer a suggestion, share a technique or just say hey, I get it. Tying these flies is truly a journey. One to be enjoyed. I could not pursue this passion without the love and support of my Husband Stark and our children, Caity, Jacky, Rob, Mandy & James. And of course, Jerry.